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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a few questions. No problem, many people find that they do. We gathered all of the common ones along with our answers. If you still have a question after reading through the list, please feel free to contact us (or give us a call) and we explain things more thoroughly to you.

Q:  Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?
A:  This is also an excellent question and one of the big differences between us and a typical real estate agent company. You see, we are professional home buyers. We aren’t real estate agents and we aren’t interested in listing your house on the market. Once we buy your house, we will fix it up to resell it later on down the road or keep it as a rental unit ourselves.

Q:  Do you pay fair prices for properties?
A:  We are sometimes able to meet retail price (think list price). Other times, depending on market conditions, our offers may come in lower. We will always be completely transparent and fully explain the reasoning behind our offer. We only move forward with a solution that makes sense for us and our client. We’re not always the highest & best offer, sometimes we are…but we’ll ALWAYS be the easiest to do business with. We have a lot to offer! With us, you can get paid in cash, enjoy a fast closing process, and avoid paying out of pocket repairs or upgrades before selling. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? If so, get in touch. We’d love to chat some about what we can offer and see if we can come to an agreeable price for your Atlanta house. And don’t forget, you’re under no obligation to accept our offer. It is always take it or leave it.

[DOWNLOAD our free guide that walks you through the Pros and Cons (plus the cost and timeline) of selling your house to a real estate investor… learn the pros, cons, and costs of the other two alternatives… listing with an agent or selling it yourself. Head on over here download your free guide →]

Q:  How do you determine the price to offer on my house?
A:  This is also a good question. We are happy to explain all of this too. You see, we will consider where your house is, what work needs to be done, the current condition of the house, and what nearby properties are selling for. All of this goes into our price for your house. We always want to make sure the price works for both of us.

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
A: Here is another big difference between selling to us and listing your house on the market with a real estate agent. We never ever charge any fees or commissions, ever. We present you with an offer, and if you like it, then we will buy your house. There aren’t any closing fees or commissions tacked on. Any problems or repair needs that your house has will become all ours to deal with after the sale goes through. We take on the risk of your house ourselves when we buy it.

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?
A: A real estate agent helps you prepare your house for the market and then lists it on the MLS for you. An agent will help show it to potential buyers with open houses and showing appointments. If they can find a buyer for you, they then take a cut of the sale price as their payment. This is usually about 3-6% of the sale price overall. While this doesn’t sound like too much, it ends up being thousands of dollars! It is also true that a real estate agent can provide you with great service. The sale process is often inconvenient or unfeasible given your particular situation. This is where we can help. Our sales go through quickly since we pay with cash on hand. And, you won’t be stuck waiting and wishing for a buyer. We can make you a fast offer! Working with us helps you cut out the middle man, and saves you months of your time and thousands of dollars.

Q:  Is there any obligation when I submit my info?
A: Never any at all. Our offers are always 100% no strings attached. Get in touch and tell us a bit about your house and we will start to research it. We might want to schedule a quick phone call. Once we look into it, we will put together your all-cash offer. Once you have the offer to consider, it is all your choice to make. We want to help inform and guide, but not pressure you in any particular way. We are HELPERS NOT HAGGLERS! We will let you know what we think the best options are for selling your house. We hope we can earn your business!

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