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We started working in real estate investing two decades ago and now run a family business here in Georgia. We’ll deal with anything. Any and every situation. We will even consider properties suitable for retail. We are easy to work with and local. We want to see the communities preserved. Cash Home Crew is here to help you deal with your tricky situation, so you can get back to living the rest of your life, not stressing out about your house.

Cash Home Crew is operated out of Covington, GA and we have years of experience in the Georgia market. This means you get a personal touch when working with us. We are committed to helping, not haggling or bothering. We love to see our clients become better situated to achieve their goals in life.

Cash Home Crew‘s Story

Kevin & Casey Thompson are the proud parents of Ethan & Wade. We reside outside of Covington, GA on our family farm. We began investing in real estate over 20 years ago. Our favorite aspect of this business is getting to know our clients and their families. Many clients have become life-long friends.

We’ve worked with homeowners in a variety of situations including pre-foreclosure, relocation, and probate. We also help out frustrated landlords, not to mention those who simply want a quick, easy transaction.

Meet Our Cash Home Crew Family

Casey Thompson


Thanks for stopping by our website! My husband and I are continuously appreciative of the interest others take in our business. We’ve met so many people through real estate. More than anything we value the relationships we’ve built through the years. We work as a family; even our two boys participate. We can relate to so many parts of people’s lives – a tremendous building block of our business.

Prior to my current roles as wife, Mom, and problem solver, my background is product development and management. I enjoyed this field so much and found it difficult to change focus as I always dreamed of this career. It’s funny how we envision one scenario and find ourselves faced with both challenges and opportunities that life inevitably brings. After my children were born, work-life balance became tricky. We made some lifestyle adjustments, deciding that one of us needed to be home while we established our real estate business. If anyone wants to test the solidarity of their marriage, I encourage you to work together. Kidding, but not really. 

We’ve figured out our groove and truly enjoy this business, mostly because we believe we bring value to our customers’ lives. We’ll never claim to be a fit for every seller. Any company that makes such a guarantee isn’t looking out for your best interest. However, we find many clients who we can help, even if that means pointing them in another direction. Having addressed so many scenarios through the years, we can advise our clients of their options and necessary course of action whichever path they choose. We take our reputation of “HELPERS NOT HAGGLERS” to heart. Again, thanks for stopping by, and please reach out if we can help.

Kevin Thompson


Hi there! I’m Kevin Thompson, a local investor in residential real estate. My favorite things about this business are people – not sticks, bricks, and dirt. With every opportunity, I’m laser focused on the sellers’ needs; this is a problem-solving business, not a house business. Housing is an intimate part of every life. I take this very seriously. From seller situations to buyer needs, every transaction is unique. I’ve navigated many ownership scenarios. Every time it’s rewarding to simplify processes for sellers – no matter the circumstances – and on the other side of a transaction, provide a desirable home for the new resident, whether a tenant or owner.

Outside of real estate, my family’s other main interest is raising grass fed beef. Growing up on a farm, I developed an appreciation for livestock and agriculture. Starting out mainly as a hobby farmer, my farm has grown as I’ve gained an understanding of natural agricultural practices. From my point of view, both housing and agriculture are foundational elements of our lives. I take great pride in making positive impacts in people’s lives on both fronts.

I’m fortunate that my family has embraced the same interests. Both businesses require participation from my wife and children, my pride and joy. My wife and I have two boys, approaching teenage years (pray for us). We have a tremendous desire to impart to our children the importance of hard work and service to others. 

I will continue to work in both areas for my entire life. Outside these sectors, I have experience in manufacturing management and paving sales. I’ve been fortunate to gain experience and refine skills in multiple fields throughout my career. I’ve worked diligently and grown confident in my ability to make meaningful contributions. 

How Cash Home Crew Works With Homeowners

Our mission is to enrich the lives of distressed homeowners by offering fair, straightforward solutions to their dilemmas. We understand life doesn’t always go as planned, and we strive to “lighten the load” of those who encounter ownership difficulties whether through foreclosure, inheritance, or another urgent matter.

Core values include:

  1. Treat people with dignity
  2. Develop fair, win-win solutions
  3. Interact with positive & productive communication

If you have questions about how we operate, the process of selling a house, advice to avoid foreclosure, or another property-related scenario…don’t hesitate to contact us!

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